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Myspace applications have opened up a whole new arena in multiple player role playing games, and one of the major games in that new arena is Bite! Vampire RPG, with an instant success and growing following it is no wonder that there are already tens of thousands of vampires running around Myspace already… If you haven’t been biten yet, no time like the present!

Be sure to install the Myspace application Bite! Vampire RPG.

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Bite! Vampire Wars /

Author: -CHA$E-

Bored? Feel like all there is to do on the computer now is play solitaire and watch stupid videos? Feel like tasting some blood? Or maybe you just have a craving for power? Well I have something that will feel your appetite. We have a game that will give you plenty of entertainment, and is much better than any little card game. Come quench your thirst for blood. Come take your place above the rest. The game I am talking about is Bite Vampire Wars. Bite is an RPG MySpace application. You start off as a low level vampire, fighting for their place among the rest. Rise through the levels with crimes that can pay out big bucks. Or defeat your enemies, and gain the experience. Clans are also a big part of the game.

A good clan will have your back until the end and will help you with weapons and money. Join a clan, and become come the strongest vampire. Or start your own clan, rise to the top, and dominate your enemies. You will make many new friends, and there is always staff to help you.

The staff is here to help you both understand the game better, and enjoy the game more. It is also the staff’s job to keep the game appropriate, and make sure everyone is playing fair. Cheating is not tolerated. Through PayPal, you can donate to the game. By doing this, you can buy donator days, new weapons, and yourself a boost in points. You can even invite your friends to play. The more friends you have on your side, the better. Best of all, you know you can both trust and rely on them. So come show your skills, and prove that you are the biggest, baddest, bloodsucking vampire there is. We will be waiting!

Bite! Vampire Wars
weapons dealer [3106]

Want to play an amazing game and meet new people? Tired of going out to the store to buy games that are no fun after you beat them. Do you want to play a game that is exciting? Then this is the game for you. Bite! Vampire Wars is an mmrpg that interacts with people in different parts of the world. Unlike other modern day games Bite! Vampire Wars has staff to help you through it every step of the way. You can hunt humans! You can attack other players! You can gain levels and unlock new shops! Train your stats to the extreme to become Lord Of The Night! Earn respect for your vampire gang and become the most well known player to vampire kind! Assassinate other players and drink blood by the pint! Get a job as a blood bank worker…or a prostitute. Become a weapons dealer or a hitman on your spare time.

Hunt for blood and sell it on the blood market. Mug other players when they arn’t looking. Hussle your way into respect and become the richest player in the game to buy anything you want. You can choose to help your friends or let them struggle on there own. You can do crimes and make cash on the side. Become a donator and use servents to attack other players, search for cash and play pranks on players. You can choose to hurt the weak or become strong to protect them. Start a gang and crush the rivals under your mighty vampire fangs. You can go to vampire school to get your stats up. You can gamble away your earnings at the casino till your hearts content. You can buy lotto tickets or you can save your money for another day. Theres only one question. Are you the player to rule the night?


4 Responses to “Vampire RPG Game on Myspace”
  1. Lewis says:

    Great game, love the layout and the theme… Bite is the coolest game of all of the FairGamer games, and the main reason I am still logging onto myspace!

  2. Acklen says:

    Great game, love the layout and the theme… Bite is the coolest game of all of the FairGamer games, and the main reason I am still logging onto myspace!…

  3. victoria says:

    is there anyways you can make it easier like Bloodlines your game is confusing

  4. Fairgamers says:

    The game is far more in depth than the others and will take a little while to fully understand… For those that learn and grow within the games, this is a huge benefit.

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