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Have you ever been defeated by someone who’s level was significantly lower than yours and thought “What the heck is going on?” You have fallen victim to a strategy used by several players that is commonly referred to as “Low-level high-stats”. How this works is, a player attacks someone, then runs from the fight, loosing all of their EXP. By resetting their EXP, they are able to stay the level that they currently are…well….for the entire round if they choose to.

The opposite of this would, of course, to level up quickly, without caring what your stats are. Is there anything positive about this approach? If you are aiming to get to the higher level items before anyone else does, this is the way to do it. You can corner the market on weapons or potions and charge whatever you like….for a while at least. And if you love those peaches floating in green Jell-o that the hospital cafeteria serves…not to mention the sexy hospital gowns…then this would be the way to go.

“So, what’s the point?” you may ask? It’s simple. When you successfully attack a player whose level is higher than yours, you gain more stats in strength and guard than if their level is the same or lower. This is handy if you like attack players more than you like to train at the gym, or if you just like to surprise unsuspecting “big dog” players by beating up on them.

Before you decide this is a wonderful idea, there are a couple of things to remember. A low level means that you won’t have access to the cities and crimes that open up as your level increases. It’s important to be in a gang or at least have one go-to person who will buy you items from the upper level shops. Also, the higher your level, the more brave you have and the more opportunity to commit crimes or train your henchman. With some of the new changes to the games, level will come into play more and more…new classes…not to mention the “workshop” option that is just debuting.

To successfully pull this strategy off, you must make sacrifices. Is it worth it? Well…that’s up to you…

Article Written by Lady J

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