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One of the Top Facebook RPG Applications Jail House Life is an awesome new addition to the Facebook social scene. If you have ever experienced playing any kind of MMRPG’s, Jail House Life is one you will not want to miss out on any time soon! This strategy game is based on how well you can adjust to living life behind prison walls. The Administration and staff are the most helpful that I have ever experienced playing on any MMRPG game before.

jhl promo app profile picThe staff is there to answer any questions and the Administration is always on the move to improve game play for all players in the {100}game and to cut down on cheaters who try to gain a unfair advantage over other players. You start out in the orientation dorms, as you gain experience toward your levels, the game options, different cell blocks will be available and crimes will increase for you. You can work your stats up by attacking and hospitalizing rival cell mates or by working out in the gym with points you can gain by doing daily points or find points by exploring the halls.

Weather you choose to assassinate your enemies, hospitalize for experience toward your level or mug your rivals for (100)money, you are guaranteed to be addicted to Jail House Life from day one. You will learn the ropes by taking classes at the local school to help you gain stats. While exploring the hallways, you can find weapons, points, money or you have the chance of running into an angry cell mate who decides to kick the crap out of you and put you in the infirmary, but thats a chance you have to take. You can choose to be a loaner, you can apply to join a gang or be the president of a gang.

One of the (100 or so) great thing about playing Jail House Life I have found, is the wide variety of options that you will find to do during game play. A great example is the big yard where you work on your dexterity level, gain money quickly and safely. You can go to the prison fence area, sell items you gain in the big yard to help you save cash. Once you gain enough cash you can open a cyber bank account to make your money work for you. There is a stock market where you can buy and sell shares. You will want to buy the best cell you can buy from the housing director.

The bigger the cell the better gain on your stats when working out. The wide variety of crimes you can do to gain experience toward your level, is better than any game that I have played before. The crimes increase as you gain levels. There are Lawyer Services available to get released quicker from solitary confinement. You can find many ways to help you in the game by taking a look on the bulletin board, where you can find a detailed list of how to get started. There is also a huge game forum for great tips and secrets from actual players of the game.

–Review and Write up submitted by player – SmartAss

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