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Some advice from a player Seeker {1702} – Many players on these games will tell you leveling is important. Crimes are important. Get as much cash and the highest level you possibly can as early as possible. This, my friends is only half true.

Let’s say you follow this advice. You never train for your first few days playing. You crime and crime until you have enough cash to make millions off interest alone. However, there’s one thing you forget while building these levels. Your stats. You don’t train. You don’t take time to put in a single attack. What happens? You’re the highest level in the game with the worst stats possible. The next thing you know, you’re being hit hundreds of times a day. Everyone else gains stats off of you. They gain experience. They catch your level. Now, you spend the next month or so attempting to train while new player after new player finds out how easy it is to take you out.

ExMafia MySpace Application

An RPG application on MySpace in the criminal underworld. You must be your own boss and fight to survive the streets.

Here’s the solution. Don’t do any criming at all your first week or two. Find people with the same level, or even a few higher. Attack, attack, attack. Your level will shoot up just as fast, and you have the benefit of minor to moderate stat gains. Chances are, someone has made the same mistake you just avoided.

Look for the people in the top three or four levels who are not in the hall of fame. These are the ones you go after. You find your target, and you hit them over and over until you’ve matched their level or even passed it.

Four thousand attacks at your same level will gain you 280,000 in both strength and guard as well as 800,000 total experience, minimum, if you’re not a donator. Enough to keep up with people in your same range. While this sounds extreme, sometime extreme playing is necessary.

ExMafia on Facebook

A RPG application game on Facebook of the criminal underworld – create your own mafia and be your own boss as you rule the streets.

Attack, attack, attack. I cannot stress this enough. If you start losing, mug some people. Buy a house. Train your agility a bit. But don’t touch your strength and guard at first. Your biggest ally in easy stat gains is attacking.

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