Prison Based Myspace Application – Running a Gang in JHL

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Some words from player of Jailhouse Life RaeRae {63359} on what is has been like leading a gang in JailHouseLife on the Myspace application.

I am the president of The-Elite gang on Jailhouselife Myspace.

Since starting this gang, I have learned quite a few things. You must have plenty of money, and I mean Billions, not millions. It’s very helpful to be a donator as there are many “perks”. You have to know how to build your gang’s armory. THIS takes money or points. You must choose which weapons would be best for the gang you are building. Cheaper, less harmful weapons would be better for a Training gang considering you will have low level players who are still learning to play the game. Also, GED books are a must for a training gang. They take off one day each of your classes. Morphine and toothpaste are extremely important because the “little guys” are going to be a target for sure.

Jailhouse Life MySpace Application

An RPG application on MySpace where you are behind bars, fighting for respect and power among your fellow prisoners.

Now, building a main gang is a bit different. You WILL need points! This is another reason to take advantage of being a donator and spending a bit on the “weekend specials”. I would only accept players that have already finished their schooling as to save the gang money. Also, you want to accept “heavy hitters” (which you wont know until you give them a chance). Give them a couple of weeks, and if it isnt working out, kick them. Your gang armory should be a bit different also. You need heavy duty weapons as your members will be ready to attack stronger players. I believe in having a fully stocked armory to give out weapons as needed to players that are actually using them.

There is always the problem of trust in any gang. It has to be earned. You will sometimes learn this the hard way. You also need to remember that whatever age you are, there is always someone older or younger than you, therefore a huge maturity difference in most cases. If you have a member who applies and is accepted, then leaves after taking all that you give them, there’s your first lesson. There will be scammers. Most of us look out for each other when it comes to that. If you come across one, do other gangs a favor and pass along the information.

Jailhouse Life MySpace Application

Coming to the forums is a great way to learn tricks and tips to the game or to ask questions. Ask staff questions anytime you need. There is no stupid question.

Most of all, remember this is a game and it is here for us all to have fun!

Prison RPG Myspace Game

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Prison RPG Myspace Game – JailHouse Life game reviews and descriptions from players who have served their time…

Game: Jailhouse Life myspace Author: Stone

Jailhouse life is a Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game or MMRPG. It is based on the life in Jail and the struggle of every day survival. Jailhouse Life offers many unique things to do during game play. Such things would include creating and being president of a Jail gang, but if you don’t feel like having that much responsibility you can always send an application to another gang and become a member. Another would be the fact you can assassinate and attack other members playing around the world. I have been playing this game for well over 100 days and I have become truly addicted to it. Once you start playing this game believe me you will never feel like getting off your computer again. The Staff in Jailhouse Life are also very kind and generous. The Admins are also very nice, always offering and looking for new ways to improve game play for all members. The longer you play the easier it will become. You will find great tips and secrets on how to become stronger in this game too. Leveling up and gaining stats are not hard in this game either. Making money to buy anything you need in this game is equally as simple becomes even easier when you reach level 10 and are able to sell your points on the points market. Why can you only do this when you reach level 10? The answer is simple; to make sure people don’t cheat to gain an advantage in the game. Jailhouse life I find also has many age groups playing it. Jailhouse life truly lets you walk your own path and make your own decisions on how to play. Jailhouse life is truly my favorite game of all time and if you decide to give it a chance you will soon find out why.
Are you looking for a game that will be fun no matter how long you play it? If so then JailHouse Life myspace is exactly what you are looking for. This wonderful game has many things to do so you will never grow bored of it. For example you can choose to join a gang or ride solo, or evan make your own! You still need some convinsing? then what if i told you that can also take some classes to get your stats to sky rockit! Make money,friends,allies, and evan a few enimys if you choose. Some one send you a nasty message or you just feal like it you also have the option to attack some one and then have an option to hospalize them or mug them and steal some of there money! roam the halls and see what you find, money, points, weapons, or if your unlucky a tough guy who will beat you and send you to the infirmery. This game is very fun with many opertunitys to move up in it and become famous on the game. If your a blood thursty attacker then your going to love this part, theres an Attack Ladder this is ware the best attaclers are beat one of them and get on it. But of coure there is a benifit to being on the attack ladder 10 points an every hour of every day! save them, use them, trade them what ever you want there yours for the using! Do some crimes to get some experionce and level up, start small and then work your way up and then try out some more risky crimes but with a bigger pay out. You can get some guards to slide you some contraband, look the other way or evan fight them! Make anof money and buy your self a nice cell to move into, the better the cell the better your stats will increas from going to the gym. move into O.J Simpson, Get a Cell with a tunnel or a cell with a Made Man. There are many to choose from, some better than the others.Jailhouse Life myspace truely allows you to controll how you play the game. How you play is up to you, Walk your own path do as you wish and dont let any one get in your way from being the number one inmate in the Jail.