Games on Facebook

These are applications you can access through the popular social networking websites, Clicking these links will take you to the application on Facebook where you can add the application to your Facebook account.

Decay of Camelot on Facebook

Decay of Camelot RPG Facebook Application – An RPG application on Facebook of a medieval world where Camelot is decaying. Fight dragons or try to rule the kingdom.

ExMafia on Facebook

ExMafia RPG Facebook Application – A RPG application game on Facebook of the criminal underworld – create your own mafia and be your own boss as you rule the streets.


Jailhouse Life RPG Facebook Application – This is a Facebook application that focuses on life behind bars! Ever wanted to get a little taste of the rough and wild side on the other side of the bars, but didn’t want the record to go with it? Try out Jailhouse Life instead!


War 2072 RPG Facebook Application – This is a post-WW3 game that focuses on a hardcore life of crime, violence, and struggling to survive. WW3 is over, but the world is in turmoil. Fight for survival in War 2072!

Bite RPG Facebook Application – A great vampire game that focuses on the dark side of life – sucking blood, ruling over humans, and violating every law you can find!

Age of Dragons RPG Facebook Application  – In this world, nothing is more powerful than dragons! Purchase, train, and leash your dragon so that it can help you defeat your opponents and dominate the realm! Join a guild or fly solo to be strong, powerful, and control the world.

Gulf Wars RPG Facebook Application – Gulf Wars is a war game set in desert storm war setting to develop a world of soldiers, fighting, and competition for who is the best soldier! Join other units, fight with your friends, and be the best soldier possible!

Decay of Camelot Rebirth RPG Facebook Application – It has been only a short time since our King has fallen. King Arthur, as it seems, was the only thing holding this great kingdom together. Now, less than 50 years later, what was once a beacon for justice has become a thieves den.

Outlaw Bikers RPG Facebook Application – We’re always looking for the next ride, the fumes of gas, and the roar of the bike, but they’re always right behind us. They see our rides, our patches, and our numbers so they call us drug dealers, felons, criminals, or worse. They don’t want us near their families, cities, and shops, but that’s all right; we’d rather be free on the open road. To survive, we’ll do what we need to. We’ll be the outlaws.

Ag3nts RPG Facebook Application – Welcome to the world of Ag3nts! This game is where you are a secret Ag3nts – you can join or form your own company of Ag3nts and perform black ops to earn cash and money. Attack other Ag3nts and dominate the spy world!