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When you first enter the FairGamers Forums, you’ll probably think, “This doesn’t look like the game I play..” And you’re right. It doesn’t because these are the same Forums for all of the FairGamers Games. From ExMafia to Jailhouse Life to War 2072 to Decay of Camelot, all of the games are covered here. Although each game has its own section of the FairGamers Forums, any member from any game may reply to any thread started by you, and you can reply to any thread started by any other member.

In the FairGamers Forums, you will find a lot of things, both game-related and not game-related. The not-game related items may include funny pictures, political discussions, poetry submissions, arcade game contests, and lots of pictures. The FairGamers Forums is a site that lets you express yourself and what you think of your favorite FairGamers Game, report any issue you have found within a game, and even submit your own ideas as to what may make the game a little more fun.

Fair Gamers RPG Forum

In the FairGamers Forums, you will find yourself, (probably sooner than later), in lively discussions regarding game strategies, game ideas, and even in-game gangs. It is a great way to meet new people and make friends, whether you play the same game or not.

Warning: Joining the FairGamers Forums may cause you to join and enjoy even more FairGamers Games. Join this site at your own risk.

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One Response to “Fair Gamers Forum – MMRPG.Net – Why should I join?”
  1. KILLBOY says:

    looking at the polls here, facebook exmafia is the best rated one here…why cause its round based… you got a winner there… keep it the way it is

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