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Player Reviews of the Mafia Role Playing Game ExMafia

Grab your 9mm, your explosives, and head to the bank; its time for a look at Exmafia. Exmaifa is an online text-based RPG that puts thousands of players against each other in an effort to be to top ranked mobster of your time. Players get to train in a gym using points to increase stats like strength, guard, and agility which are used in confrontations to send the losing mobster to the hospital. The thing I like about Exmafia is how diverse it is.

The three main aspects people work on is their level (which determines how much stats you get in the gym), their stats, and their money. Everyone plays differently but it’s the moderation of all three aspects that make the game fun, it becomes pure strategy. Unlike most RPGs Exmafia has rounds and after a given round is over the players are reset to having nothing. This is good because you will never come in as a newbie without the hopes of catching up to everyone.

Now, there are a few things that Exmafia is lacking on. For starters, many people have troubles because mobsters can attack other people sending them to the hospital. Some people don’t like that aspect of gameplay as there are some extremists out there who might want to attack everyone online. The second issue I have with Exmafia is the fact that the weapons and items are hardly changed and theres not too many items out there so it does feel a little old after awhile. But, if you can get over those two aspects you will come to enjoy Exmafia. You meet great people, have fun, and get competitive.
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When you start off in this Mafia-guided text-based multiplayer game, you start off as many Mafioso’s start off. With barely the clothes on your back and no place to live. (Well, in this game, you live in a run-down shack in Phoenix.) Then you start your journey off to greatness (or epic failure!) You get many choices on HOW to get there… you can commit crimes for the money and experience, but risk going to jail, you can make full use of slaves you can buy in hidden markets.. or you can lay low for a while and raise your statistics and take them all by surprise in the end when you claim the #1 spot – The Godfather spot.

As you raise your level and become richer and more powerful, you can go to new cities and buy more weapons, armors, and houses. As an added bonus, the game gives you better stats from better houses, so you can surpass those people who have been beating you up for ages and return the favor! One feature I love about this game is that every eight weeks, the game completely resets and everyone starts all over, so everyone has a shot at the being the best. I have tried many text-based games before AND after ExMafia.com, but Ex Mafia is truly the only one I have stuck with for so long. It is the best text-based game I have played to date.

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Most people are tired of your everyday games.We all know it gets boring after months of playing the same dull game.The myspace application exmafia,is a unique text based game that will rock your world!You start off with a fair chance at being the best,with dozens of ways to get billions of dollars in cash.Whether it be committing felony crimes such as selling fake drugs or pulling your weight stealing kegs of beer at the truck stop.

Unlike most games,Exmafia has an in-game email system.Which gives you the opportunity to chat with over 40000 players! You can create a family,declare wars,gain respect, and much more with your friends.Get points,train,and go to the massage parlor frequently in your quest to become the best.

Ever in a bad mood? Test your temper by attacking rivals and high levels.Got the need for speed? Race friends,gain mega cash and pink slips.Need to gain an advantage over your rivals? No problem! There is a place where you can buy points and donator days.Dozens of things you can do on this game.Bottom line,once you try it you will be hooked,check it out! Can you become the criminal mastermind of the Exmafia Underworld?

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