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Player Reviews of the Mafia Role Playing Game Dark Ages MySpace RPG Application

http://mmrpg.net/members/stog301-albums-dark-ages-picture3829-darkages3.jpgDark Ages is an extensive, multi-player, online role-playing game; set in the heart of Camelot amidst the tumultuous uncertainty of the middle ages. Only the boldest and bravest players will choose to found their own guild, and attempt to assemble a group of knights who will be loyal to their cause. As more guilds are created, wars begin to ensue amongst them. All battling to climb the ladder of respect to be number one.

Individual players must hunt, perform crimes, and build their own bankroll to continuously upgrade their estate; through which they must exercise their strength, agility, and guard to bolster their statistics in an attempt to overpower their enemies. Servants may be employed to perform tasks such as finding money, pranking and attacking other players and sending threats. Spies are occasionally deployed to join other guilds and gather valuable information about warring strategy and alliances. By entering the lottery, one fortunate player per week can win money and all important points that can replenish energy, will, brave, and dexterity gauges. Items such as weapons and armor may be purchased in shops at the marketplace or traded in the item market and equipped to enhance the effectiveness of attacking and defending. This game in particular appeals to me on multiple levels. The medieval, Gothic theme adds a darkness and depth to the world you will find yourself instantly immersed in. It’s engaging on an intellectual and artistic level.

You have the freedom to create your own unique persona and transform into an honorable knight, a stealth assassin, a powerful wizard, or a crafty thief; using your sword staff, your enchanted bow, or mysterious Chinese powder to thwart and conquer your opponents. You’re only limited by the expansiveness of your imagination. I highly recommend giving Dark Ages the opportunity to draw you into its world of endless war and intrigue the way it did for me. It’s multi-dimensional and addictive. You will become hooked from the moment you take your first step onto the streets of Camelot.

Sir Hector (3916) *Dark Ages*
darkagesDark Ages is a text-based MMORPG that brings the struggle of Decay of Camelot (www.decayofcamelot.com) to My Space.

You can go it alone through your journey to restore Camelot or join one of the many powerful guilds and rise to the top like the Knights of The Round Table were historically. You can hunt outside in the dark woods of Camelot, battle it out with other players in a struggle for power and respect, or commit crimes against the corrupt government ruling the land. It is a very community-based games that will have you forging alliances, making friends and even a few enemies along the way.

There is a very basic weapons and armor system that doesn’t quite fulfill it’s use as the only way to discern one weapon from another is buy basing it off of the purchase price. There are many ways to earn points using the rewards system that will help you boost your stats to help defend against other players or help you to attack them. It seems most players on there have a way to outrageously boost their stats because as a daily player from day 1 my stats aren’t even a hundredth of some of the higher ranking players. The admins in the game will respond quickly with answers to any questions you may have, though I will admit, most of the time with answers that are of little to no help.

A fun game overall, either you love it or you hate it, I would personally recommend it for those who need something to kill a few minutes of time at a time, but unless you continue to play for hours every day, expect to get beat up A LOT. If you have any questions or concerns about the game, feel free to reach me on it as Sir_Azrael (KORT), or type in ID# 712.

The game is Dark Ages, author, Sirazrael


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    I will rule the dark ages because i’m the best.

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