Dark Ages MySpace RPG Application

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Join the new medieval RPG application on MySpace! Dark Ages allows players to rise up from the level of peasant to that of a king, if you are good enough! You and your friends can dominate the Dark Ages together as a group or you can join others. Play different crimes and gather all kinds of weapons as you make your way through the Dark Ages.

Join Dark Ages MySpace RPG Application

Dark Ages MySpace RPG Application


3 Responses to “Dark Ages MySpace RPG Application”
  1. are_dib says:

    i like this game, have been playing the myspace version for months now, and am getting ready to get into the new round at war2072.com. Hoping to tear it up and win some cash! Great game!

  2. leeana says:

    wow! Love Dark Ages and always have, AWESOME GAME!

  3. josedaniel says:

    have been playing this game since it launched! great game, have made and kept me a fan.
    This is going to be the best gaming community ever.

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