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MySpace, for me, had become a bit more addicting the day they added the applications. I started adding the apps that struck me with interest and getting a bit perturbed by friends whom sent 50 invites a day. I was getting bored with a lot of the apps I played so decided to delete the old ones and look through some of the ones available. I would never have guessed there were so many apps available (especially since it seemed I received the same app invites for 6 or 7 games hundreds of times). I searched through a few pages and found Jailhouse Life.

Jailhouse Life on MySpace

Ironic enough, my best friend was just thrown in jail for public intoxication when hadn’t been drinking!!!???!!! I added the app and started playing, spending most my time in jail or hospital as had no idea what I was doing. I had a lady most will know, Sin, whom at the time was VP of Solitary Confinement, that became very helpful in teaching me the basics of the game. Of course, I joined up with her and LT01 and the rest of the gang in Solitary Confinement.

As time passed, I learned a lot about the game and had built my stats up fairly well. I decided to start my own gang on Jailhouse Life… Phelpsco Warriors was born. I ended up recruiting some newer players but helped them as much as possible to bring up their stats. The gang, though now a thing of the past, was doing very well and I had met a lot of new people whom I still socialize with today. There came a point in my life where I was not able to continue playing at the pace needed to run this gang, so I had a little fun with it. I took everything in the armory and vault and split it between my players. I then declared on every gang in a fight to the death! Okay. I know that may not have been the best option as now I know i should have given up presidency to another member….but man was it fun!!!

About 6 months passed, I was able to rejoin at full forceĀ  to Jailhouse Life and I became part of Total Anarchy’s crew, though not sure how that actually came about. I never utilized the donator section so quickly fell behind in the game, although I kept my attacks strong. I met a lot of great people within TA as well but hit a rock in the road in “real life” so therefore wasn’t able to be online as much anymore…It became rough to be of much help for a game…looked as if MMRPG gaming was to become a thing of the past for me!

Jailhouse Life on MySpace

Article Written by Convinced


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  1. matt06 says:

    good stuff man those were the good days though.:) Now this game is just plain and simple crack for us all.

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