A Decay of Camelot Story: by Tex

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I’m sitting at my computer one day minding my own business when I get what I thought was spam in my inbox on myspace. I opened my mail and realized it was from a buddy of mine asking me to join a game called Decay of Camelot. I ignored him and went on with my normal routine of checking my mail and updating my page. The next day rolls around and again I receive another email from my buddy saying how great this game is and that I should check it out.

Decay of Camelot MySpace Application

Once again I ignored him. A few days go by and luckily no more badgering emails from my buddy, when I get another email from a different friend telling me to check out Decay of Camelot. I couldn’t believe I received two emails about this game when I really don’t play games a whole lot. So I said what the hell. This is the day my addiction began.

I found the Decay of Camelot application and downloaded it and began to play. I looked around for about an hour and I’m pretty sure a few people put me in the hospital because at that time it was still a fairly new game. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing and I still think that to this day, but after a few days I got the hang of things. At the beginning, I enjoyed the daily challenge of beating someone I beat before and experiencing new things with new people along the way!

Decay of Camelot MySpace Application

Article Written by Tex

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