Prison Based Myspace Application – Running a Gang in JHL

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Some words from player of Jailhouse Life RaeRae {63359} on what is has been like leading a gang in JailHouseLife on the Myspace application.

I am the president of The-Elite gang on Jailhouselife Myspace.

Since starting this gang, I have learned quite a few things. You must have plenty of money, and I mean Billions, not millions. It’s very helpful to be a donator as there are many “perks”. You have to know how to build your gang’s armory. THIS takes money or points. You must choose which weapons would be best for the gang you are building. Cheaper, less harmful weapons would be better for a Training gang considering you will have low level players who are still learning to play the game. Also, GED books are a must for a training gang. They take off one day each of your classes. Morphine and toothpaste are extremely important because the “little guys” are going to be a target for sure.

Jailhouse Life MySpace Application

An RPG application on MySpace where you are behind bars, fighting for respect and power among your fellow prisoners.

Now, building a main gang is a bit different. You WILL need points! This is another reason to take advantage of being a donator and spending a bit on the “weekend specials”. I would only accept players that have already finished their schooling as to save the gang money. Also, you want to accept “heavy hitters” (which you wont know until you give them a chance). Give them a couple of weeks, and if it isnt working out, kick them. Your gang armory should be a bit different also. You need heavy duty weapons as your members will be ready to attack stronger players. I believe in having a fully stocked armory to give out weapons as needed to players that are actually using them.

There is always the problem of trust in any gang. It has to be earned. You will sometimes learn this the hard way. You also need to remember that whatever age you are, there is always someone older or younger than you, therefore a huge maturity difference in most cases. If you have a member who applies and is accepted, then leaves after taking all that you give them, there’s your first lesson. There will be scammers. Most of us look out for each other when it comes to that. If you come across one, do other gangs a favor and pass along the information.

Jailhouse Life MySpace Application

Coming to the forums is a great way to learn tricks and tips to the game or to ask questions. Ask staff questions anytime you need. There is no stupid question.

Most of all, remember this is a game and it is here for us all to have fun!

Getting Started on Exmafia – Mafia RPG on Myspace and Facebook

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Some advice from a player Seeker {1702} – Many players on these games will tell you leveling is important. Crimes are important. Get as much cash and the highest level you possibly can as early as possible. This, my friends is only half true.

Let’s say you follow this advice. You never train for your first few days playing. You crime and crime until you have enough cash to make millions off interest alone. However, there’s one thing you forget while building these levels. Your stats. You don’t train. You don’t take time to put in a single attack. What happens? You’re the highest level in the game with the worst stats possible. The next thing you know, you’re being hit hundreds of times a day. Everyone else gains stats off of you. They gain experience. They catch your level. Now, you spend the next month or so attempting to train while new player after new player finds out how easy it is to take you out.

ExMafia MySpace Application

An RPG application on MySpace in the criminal underworld. You must be your own boss and fight to survive the streets.

Here’s the solution. Don’t do any criming at all your first week or two. Find people with the same level, or even a few higher. Attack, attack, attack. Your level will shoot up just as fast, and you have the benefit of minor to moderate stat gains. Chances are, someone has made the same mistake you just avoided.

Look for the people in the top three or four levels who are not in the hall of fame. These are the ones you go after. You find your target, and you hit them over and over until you’ve matched their level or even passed it.

Four thousand attacks at your same level will gain you 280,000 in both strength and guard as well as 800,000 total experience, minimum, if you’re not a donator. Enough to keep up with people in your same range. While this sounds extreme, sometime extreme playing is necessary.

ExMafia on Facebook

A RPG application game on Facebook of the criminal underworld – create your own mafia and be your own boss as you rule the streets.

Attack, attack, attack. I cannot stress this enough. If you start losing, mug some people. Buy a house. Train your agility a bit. But don’t touch your strength and guard at first. Your biggest ally in easy stat gains is attacking.

How to Play ExMafia – A Mobsters App Tips and Tricks

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Welcome to ExMafia… your new life of crime as a Mobster… Where the powerful rule and only the strong survive. Think you have what it takes to become Godfather? This tutorial is meant to help you on your way.

Play Exmafia on Myspace

ExMafia MySpace ApplicationExMafia RPG MySpace Application – An RPG application on MySpace in the criminal underworld. You must be your own boss and fight to survive the streets.

Play ExMafia on Facebook

ExMafia on Facebook

ExMafia RPG Facebook Application – A RPG application game on Facebook of the criminal underworld – create your own mafia and be your own boss as you rule the streets.


Let’s start with the basics…

Name: – this is your mobster name. The number after it is your payer ID. You’ll use this is several different places in the game, so it’s good to know.

Money: – this is the cash you have on hand.

Level: – this is the level your mobster is on. Levels are important because as your level increases, more cities and items become available. Your brave limit also increases with your level.

Points: – these are the points you have earned. Points are used to train in the gym, and for several other uses that will be covered later.

Attacks Remaining: – these are the number of attacks you have and number you started with.

[emergency logout] – if you need to log off in a hurry (like if the boss or teacher is headed your click here and you will be logged off.

Energy: – Energy is used for several things – attacking other mobsters, training in the gym, and walking the streets to see what you can find.

Will: – The amount of Will you have will affect the stats you receive at the gym when you train. The higher the Will, the more stats you get.

Brave: – Brave is used to commit crimes.

EXP: – This will show you how close you are to your next level.

Health: – Your health will go down as you attack or as you get attacked.
Now, let’s talk about stats….

Stats are what you look at to determine if you can defeat another player or not. There are 5 types of stats –

Strength – how hard you will hit your opponent.

Agility – determines how easy it is for an opponent to hit you.

Guard – how much damage an opponent will do to you if they hit you.

Labor – enables you to get a better job.

IQ – determines how successful you are at crimes, and also help you bust people out of jail easier.

How do you raise your stats? There are a couple of different ways…

Attacking – When you successfully attack another player, and you hospitalize them rather than mug them, your Strength and Guard will increase.

Training in the Gym – You can choose which stat you want to increase by using either your energy in the regular gym, or your points in the point gym.

Classes – There are several classes available at the school. Each class is specific to a particular stat. The more expensive the class, the longer the class, and the more stats you receive when the class is over.

Money makes the world goes go ‘round…and the same is true for the Mafia world. There are a few ways to make money in the game –

Every mobster’s favorite way to make a quick buck is of course…crime!!! These are examples of a few of the crimes that are available…

Each successful crime will give you money and an increase in experience that will help your level raise.

Each unsuccessful crime will earn you time in Jail. Jail time is in real time, and the amount of time depends on how risky the crime was you attempted.

Another way to make money is at the truck stop where you steal goods to sell at the downtown fence. The more experience you get here, the more expensive items you can steal and fence.

There are numerous other ways to make money. Visit the city to gamble at the casino, play the lottery, and even try your hand at the stock market.

Or you could always just mug someone…


So you’ve got money…now you need points. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to get some.

One way is by voting. Click the link that says “Vote for ExMafia on game sites and get rewarded!” and it will bring up a list of links to click to vote. Each vote will give you from 5 to 10 points.

Another way to gain points is to buy then off the point market in the city. Prices are set by players who post the points. It is strongly advised to buy points from other players through the market and not from the individual. If you find yourself scammed…ExMafia staff will not intervene. This is a Mafia game after all.

Have a friend you think would like ExMafia? Refer them using you referral link and when they reach lvl 4, you’ll get 300 points. Your code can be found by clicking on the city you are in.

It is also possible to buy points through Pay Pal. Click the “Looking for addition game benefits?!?” link for more information.

Now that you have points…what do you do with them?

Points can be used for just about anything. Use the “Trade Point” menu to trade points for refills of your Energy, Brave, and Will, buy more attacks, gain IQ, or more.

Now that you have money and points, you need equipment.

Each city has different ways of getting what you need.

Shops – the simplest way to pick up weapons and armor is at the shop. Different cities offer different stores. (hint – once you buy an item, make sure you go to your inventory to equip it)

Item Market – The item market is where player put extra items from their inventory up for sale. This is a good way to buy items that are beyond your ability to get on your own. Be advised – all sales are final.

Auction – The auction is a good way to get a deal on items you might need. Items are sold for either money or points. Keep an eye on the time remaining, and snatch a great bargain.

If you have items in you want to sell, you can either put them on the market or the auction by going to your inventory.

**Another great way to buy or sell items is through the classifieds in the Newspaper**
A few more things to know….

Houses – houses are an important part of the game. The bigger the house you have, the more Will you have, and the better stats you get when you train at the gym. Be sure, when you upgrade your house, to sell your old one first.

Jobs – Even though a good Mobster lives a life of crime, it’s important to have a somewhat respectable job as well. Your stats will determine if you qualify for the job you want. The better your stats, the better your job, the more money you make when you get paid!

Bodyguards – A bodyguard can be hired with points and will be in effect for 2 hours. While you are under the protection of a bodyguard, no one can attack you, however you may not attack anyone either. Bodyguards are handy if you are needing to train without being attacked, or need to have a large amount of cash on hand and don’t want to get mugged. **Please note that if you are on the attack ladder, or if you are the Godfather, A bodyguard WILL NOT block any attacks till you are off the ladder.**

Going for a Walk – Another thing you can use your energy for is walking around, looking at things. Both good and bad things can happen to you while you do this. You may find a new gun….or a dead body. You may find more attacks….or get hit by a car. You may find points…or loose them. Anything can happen on the streets of ExMafia.


Play ExMafia Now!


ExMafia RPG Game – A browser-based RPG game in the underbelly of the criminal world – start your own mafia and rule the streets.

Play Exmafia on Myspace

ExMafia MySpace ApplicationExMafia RPG MySpace Application – An RPG application on MySpace in the criminal underworld. You must be your own boss and fight to survive the streets.

Play ExMafia on Facebook

ExMafia on Facebook

ExMafia RPG Facebook Application – A RPG application game on Facebook of the criminal underworld – create your own mafia and be your own boss as you rule the streets.


Written by Lady J [15920]