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Prison RPG Myspace Game – JailHouse Life game reviews and descriptions from players who have served their time…

Game: Jailhouse Life myspace Author: Stone

Jailhouse life is a Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game or MMRPG. It is based on the life in Jail and the struggle of every day survival. Jailhouse Life offers many unique things to do during game play. Such things would include creating and being president of a Jail gang, but if you don’t feel like having that much responsibility you can always send an application to another gang and become a member. Another would be the fact you can assassinate and attack other members playing around the world. I have been playing this game for well over 100 days and I have become truly addicted to it. Once you start playing this game believe me you will never feel like getting off your computer again. The Staff in Jailhouse Life are also very kind and generous. The Admins are also very nice, always offering and looking for new ways to improve game play for all members. The longer you play the easier it will become. You will find great tips and secrets on how to become stronger in this game too. Leveling up and gaining stats are not hard in this game either. Making money to buy anything you need in this game is equally as simple becomes even easier when you reach level 10 and are able to sell your points on the points market. Why can you only do this when you reach level 10? The answer is simple; to make sure people don’t cheat to gain an advantage in the game. Jailhouse life I find also has many age groups playing it. Jailhouse life truly lets you walk your own path and make your own decisions on how to play. Jailhouse life is truly my favorite game of all time and if you decide to give it a chance you will soon find out why.
Are you looking for a game that will be fun no matter how long you play it? If so then JailHouse Life myspace is exactly what you are looking for. This wonderful game has many things to do so you will never grow bored of it. For example you can choose to join a gang or ride solo, or evan make your own! You still need some convinsing? then what if i told you that can also take some classes to get your stats to sky rockit! Make money,friends,allies, and evan a few enimys if you choose. Some one send you a nasty message or you just feal like it you also have the option to attack some one and then have an option to hospalize them or mug them and steal some of there money! roam the halls and see what you find, money, points, weapons, or if your unlucky a tough guy who will beat you and send you to the infirmery. This game is very fun with many opertunitys to move up in it and become famous on the game. If your a blood thursty attacker then your going to love this part, theres an Attack Ladder this is ware the best attaclers are beat one of them and get on it. But of coure there is a benifit to being on the attack ladder 10 points an every hour of every day! save them, use them, trade them what ever you want there yours for the using! Do some crimes to get some experionce and level up, start small and then work your way up and then try out some more risky crimes but with a bigger pay out. You can get some guards to slide you some contraband, look the other way or evan fight them! Make anof money and buy your self a nice cell to move into, the better the cell the better your stats will increas from going to the gym. move into O.J Simpson, Get a Cell with a tunnel or a cell with a Made Man. There are many to choose from, some better than the others.Jailhouse Life myspace truely allows you to controll how you play the game. How you play is up to you, Walk your own path do as you wish and dont let any one get in your way from being the number one inmate in the Jail.

Dark Ages RPG on Myspace Reviewed

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Player Reviews of the Mafia Role Playing Game Dark Ages MySpace RPG Application Ages is an extensive, multi-player, online role-playing game; set in the heart of Camelot amidst the tumultuous uncertainty of the middle ages. Only the boldest and bravest players will choose to found their own guild, and attempt to assemble a group of knights who will be loyal to their cause. As more guilds are created, wars begin to ensue amongst them. All battling to climb the ladder of respect to be number one.

Individual players must hunt, perform crimes, and build their own bankroll to continuously upgrade their estate; through which they must exercise their strength, agility, and guard to bolster their statistics in an attempt to overpower their enemies. Servants may be employed to perform tasks such as finding money, pranking and attacking other players and sending threats. Spies are occasionally deployed to join other guilds and gather valuable information about warring strategy and alliances. By entering the lottery, one fortunate player per week can win money and all important points that can replenish energy, will, brave, and dexterity gauges. Items such as weapons and armor may be purchased in shops at the marketplace or traded in the item market and equipped to enhance the effectiveness of attacking and defending. This game in particular appeals to me on multiple levels. The medieval, Gothic theme adds a darkness and depth to the world you will find yourself instantly immersed in. It’s engaging on an intellectual and artistic level.

You have the freedom to create your own unique persona and transform into an honorable knight, a stealth assassin, a powerful wizard, or a crafty thief; using your sword staff, your enchanted bow, or mysterious Chinese powder to thwart and conquer your opponents. You’re only limited by the expansiveness of your imagination. I highly recommend giving Dark Ages the opportunity to draw you into its world of endless war and intrigue the way it did for me. It’s multi-dimensional and addictive. You will become hooked from the moment you take your first step onto the streets of Camelot.

Sir Hector (3916) *Dark Ages*
darkagesDark Ages is a text-based MMORPG that brings the struggle of Decay of Camelot ( to My Space.

You can go it alone through your journey to restore Camelot or join one of the many powerful guilds and rise to the top like the Knights of The Round Table were historically. You can hunt outside in the dark woods of Camelot, battle it out with other players in a struggle for power and respect, or commit crimes against the corrupt government ruling the land. It is a very community-based games that will have you forging alliances, making friends and even a few enemies along the way.

There is a very basic weapons and armor system that doesn’t quite fulfill it’s use as the only way to discern one weapon from another is buy basing it off of the purchase price. There are many ways to earn points using the rewards system that will help you boost your stats to help defend against other players or help you to attack them. It seems most players on there have a way to outrageously boost their stats because as a daily player from day 1 my stats aren’t even a hundredth of some of the higher ranking players. The admins in the game will respond quickly with answers to any questions you may have, though I will admit, most of the time with answers that are of little to no help.

A fun game overall, either you love it or you hate it, I would personally recommend it for those who need something to kill a few minutes of time at a time, but unless you continue to play for hours every day, expect to get beat up A LOT. If you have any questions or concerns about the game, feel free to reach me on it as Sir_Azrael (KORT), or type in ID# 712.

The game is Dark Ages, author, Sirazrael

ExMafia – Mafia Role Playing Game Reviewed

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Player Reviews of the Mafia Role Playing Game ExMafia

Grab your 9mm, your explosives, and head to the bank; its time for a look at Exmafia. Exmaifa is an online text-based RPG that puts thousands of players against each other in an effort to be to top ranked mobster of your time. Players get to train in a gym using points to increase stats like strength, guard, and agility which are used in confrontations to send the losing mobster to the hospital. The thing I like about Exmafia is how diverse it is.

The three main aspects people work on is their level (which determines how much stats you get in the gym), their stats, and their money. Everyone plays differently but it’s the moderation of all three aspects that make the game fun, it becomes pure strategy. Unlike most RPGs Exmafia has rounds and after a given round is over the players are reset to having nothing. This is good because you will never come in as a newbie without the hopes of catching up to everyone.

Now, there are a few things that Exmafia is lacking on. For starters, many people have troubles because mobsters can attack other people sending them to the hospital. Some people don’t like that aspect of gameplay as there are some extremists out there who might want to attack everyone online. The second issue I have with Exmafia is the fact that the weapons and items are hardly changed and theres not too many items out there so it does feel a little old after awhile. But, if you can get over those two aspects you will come to enjoy Exmafia. You meet great people, have fun, and get competitive.
Maui Wowies


When you start off in this Mafia-guided text-based multiplayer game, you start off as many Mafioso’s start off. With barely the clothes on your back and no place to live. (Well, in this game, you live in a run-down shack in Phoenix.) Then you start your journey off to greatness (or epic failure!) You get many choices on HOW to get there… you can commit crimes for the money and experience, but risk going to jail, you can make full use of slaves you can buy in hidden markets.. or you can lay low for a while and raise your statistics and take them all by surprise in the end when you claim the #1 spot – The Godfather spot.

As you raise your level and become richer and more powerful, you can go to new cities and buy more weapons, armors, and houses. As an added bonus, the game gives you better stats from better houses, so you can surpass those people who have been beating you up for ages and return the favor! One feature I love about this game is that every eight weeks, the game completely resets and everyone starts all over, so everyone has a shot at the being the best. I have tried many text-based games before AND after, but Ex Mafia is truly the only one I have stuck with for so long. It is the best text-based game I have played to date.
someone u dont know [15871]

Most people are tired of your everyday games.We all know it gets boring after months of playing the same dull game.The myspace application exmafia,is a unique text based game that will rock your world!You start off with a fair chance at being the best,with dozens of ways to get billions of dollars in cash.Whether it be committing felony crimes such as selling fake drugs or pulling your weight stealing kegs of beer at the truck stop.

Unlike most games,Exmafia has an in-game email system.Which gives you the opportunity to chat with over 40000 players! You can create a family,declare wars,gain respect, and much more with your friends.Get points,train,and go to the massage parlor frequently in your quest to become the best.

Ever in a bad mood? Test your temper by attacking rivals and high levels.Got the need for speed? Race friends,gain mega cash and pink slips.Need to gain an advantage over your rivals? No problem! There is a place where you can buy points and donator days.Dozens of things you can do on this game.Bottom line,once you try it you will be hooked,check it out! Can you become the criminal mastermind of the Exmafia Underworld?

Jazzy J [14486], Jazzy

Register now and see if you have what it takes to come out on top!

Join ExMafia RPG Game

ExMafia Mobster RPG – A Glance at the News Paper

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News to read while you sleep with the fishes…

updated – 6/18/09 to change the poll votes


” My buddies wanted to be firemen, farmers or policemen, something like that. Not me, I just wanted to steal people’s money! “ ~ John Dillinger




Are you ready to rumble????

June 21st, 2009, at 12:00 noon Pacific time.

Only a few days left!! It’s a last man standing free-for-all with a $500 prize at stake!! Remember, after the rumble, the game is reset for another round. For more info – click on the “prizes” link on your navigation bar, or ask a staff member!

New to the rumble? This edition of the paper will have a explanation toward the end, so keep reading!



Would you like a chance to get ahead in the next round? is looking for players to write game reviews for their new blog. Submissions need to be a minimum of 300 words and reader-friendly. Players who’s reviews are chosen will be awarded 2,500 points!!

For more information, visit the forum at


Hi! I’m Lady J, your news editor.

Can you believe it’s time for another rumble?? It seems like this round flew by! For those of you who are new to the rumble, I’ve tried to help explain it later on in the paper.

I’ve still not gotten any “Letter to the Editor” submissions. I really thought you all would jump at the chance to let us know what you think!

There have been some changes to the game, so read on for more about those.

Also in this edition, you’ll find an interview with Bella Nevermore. If there is a mobster you would like me to interview, just drop me a line at!

Good Luck!!!
~Lady J


ExMafia News Poll!!!

Well the results from the last poll were loud and clear. When mobsters hit the street, they want to walk softly and carry a BIG gun. Uzis and SIGs won with 83% of the vote. Explosives came in second with 17%.

What new items would you like to see in the next round??

*Something that refills dexterity at the Truck Stop* – 50% (1 vote)

*A way to make the classes shorter.*

*New weapons and more armor* 50% (1 vote)


*Daily points instead of voting for them*

Send your answers to Lady J and watch the paper for the results as they come in!!


A mafia guy came home from work in a pretty good mood.
“How was work, Honey?” His wife asked.
“I got good news, and I got bad news,” he told her.
“Well,” pondered his wife, “I’ll guess I’ll take the good news first.”

“Okay, get this,” he boasted. “The boss gave me an important new job, and he’s paying me FIFTY GRAND! I start tomorrow.”
“That’s fantastic, honey! Did you tell your best friend, Vinnie, yet?” She excitedly gushed.

“I said there was bad news, too, baby,” he frowned. “Vinnie’s dead.”
“Oh my God, no! Vinnie was the best!” She cried. “He gave the kids a nice present every Christmas! When did he pass away?”

The Mafioso looked down and shook his head. “Tomorrow.”


Exmafia Classifieds

Got something to sell? Need something to buy? Want to wish someone a happy birthday or just have something to say? Place an ad in the paper!!
Each ad costs 20 points, must be game-related, and will run for 1 week.
Just send Lady J a message and see your ad here!!

ExMafia News needs YOU!!

ExMafia News is looking for eye-witness accounts of what goes on during Sunday’s rumble. Players who’s stories are printed in the next edition of the paper will receive 75 points. Deadline is Monday, June 22nd, at 1pm game time. Email your stories to

chaotic boom [20848] is looking for members to join his family. Apply if you are interested!


Hey donators! Enjoy pranking other players with your henchman? Now you can actually choose your victim! Convince someone their house was robbed! Trick them into thinking they won the lottery! Even tell them that they shot themselves! (If you aren’t a donator and would like to become one, click on the “Looking for additional game benefits” link)

To Bella Nevermore, Lefty Loose Lips, and Purple_Kush – Good luck this round guys!!! – from Pokemaster Maui


And the winner of the biggest douchebag contest is…………….Gods Warrior with a total of 217 sporks!!! Thanks to everyone who voted!! – ImsorryIkilledYou

Just a friendly reminder from ExMafiaNews. The only safe way to buy points is through the points market. The only safe way to buy guns, potions, or explosives is through the item market. Buying points or items directly from another player may result in you getting the shaft. If this happens, ExMafia staff will NOT intervene. This IS a mob game after all….



~5 questions with ~
Bella Nevermore
It’s a hot, humid June afternoon as I find myself sitting on the tailgate of my truck. I’m waiting on….someone. I’m not sure who. Through a friend…of a friend….of a friend….who knows someone…I was able to arrange an interview with Bella Nevermore, the don of the infamous BloodHound family. I start to get a little nervous as a black car pulls up. A flashlight is all I can see once the car stops and a male voice asks – “Are you from the newspaper?” The last thing I remember is saying yes….

I wake up in a small room…it appears to be the cabin of a yacht. An armed guard escorts me to the deck, where I sit at a table under the shade of an umbrella. Looking out over the sparkling blue water of wherever I am, I almost don’t hear Bella approaching. Despite the heat, she looks cool and calm in a white sundress and flip flops. She hands me a glass and apologizes for the means by which I was brought to the yacht. She has a breeziness about her and I find myself relaxing, surprisingly at ease. If it wasn’t for the men on deck with Uzis, it’s almost as if two old friends have met for lunch and drinks…

ExMafiaNews: Thank you for making time to talk to me.

Bella Nevermore: No problem…

EMN: So how long have you been involved in the….in organized crime?

BN: Almost 10 months now.

EMN: How did you get your start?

BN: Alex Wolf went to the same school as me and she started it, then referred me. We met the pres and vp of gang 215 – this included meeting gangsters like Maui Wowies, a real cool player and friend of mine. um… so then we all played in that gang for 2 rounds, then Maui and I started another gang that dominated…and then I met Lefty and we started BH… so yeah… the bloodhounds were formed and the rest is history written by blood on the walls.

EMN: There’s no denying that the BloodHounds have been the dominate family for the past couple of rounds. Do you have any advice on how to run a successful family?

BN: Rule with a gun and iron fist!!! Just kidding…just kidding… um… it’s pretty easy really. Just meet all the cool people, become friends, start a gang with the most ruthless player in the game. Have 3 simple rules, and try to help with whatever the awesome members need. Don’t accept everyone because then there will be no one to hit in rival gangs. Rejecting people sucks but it’s part of the game.

EMN: You talk about being a ruthless player…what do you think the key to getting ahead in the mob game is?

BN: Get your stats up quick and don’t tick mobsters with high stats off. You’ll regret it the whole round while you sit in the hospital.

EMN: Word on the street is that you’re retiring so I have to ask, what does the future hold for Bella Nevermore?

A change comes over her face and Bella sighs. She thinks for a minute before she answers.

BN: I’m gonna miss the game but I’m gonna finish college soon, keep in touch with all my friends here on my myspace, and spend time with someone really amazing. (a sweet smile crosses her face as she says this) But you might see me visit occasionally.


Need to get something off your chest other than your body armor? ExMafiaNews is proud to announce that you may now submit “A Letter to the Editor”. Send your letters to Lady J at
Of course…seeing as how we are all shady characters…there are rules….
1 – NO personal attacks allowed.
2 – Just because you submit a letter does not mean that it will be printed.
3 – NO personal attacks allowed.
4 – All letters submitted become property of ExMafiaNews. I reserve the right to correct spelling, correct grammar, and delete profanity as I see fit.
5 – NO personal attacks allowed.



The Law Offices of Dewey, Screwem, and Howe is proud to announce that they are now offering legal services to ExMafia!! Just come by our office (located beside the Whore House for your convenience) and for a small fee, you can hire one of our top notch lawyers for the day. If you find yourself in jail, you can call your lawyer, and we will work with the police to either reduce your sentence, or even drop the charges all together. Come see us today!!

Disclaimer – Not all results are guaranteed to be in your favor


Want to know more about what’s going on with the games and meet new players? Be sure to visit the forums! Click on “forums” on the navigation bar, or go to


New to the ExMafia family?
Got a question?
Be sure to check out the FAQ list at the end of the paper.
Visit the forums
Feel free to ask one the staff:
accident [15871]
Lady J[15920]



So what happens during the rumble??

At 12:00 noon, PST, the website will go down for a short period of time while Admin sets the game up for the rumble.

When the site comes back up, things will look a little different. There will be fewer options on the left side of the screen. The hospital is gone, and is replaced by the morgue.

To attack someone, use the “online now” or the “total” functions at the bottom of your screen. Only players level 10 and above who have been active in the last 30 days are allowed to participate in the rumble, so you will notice the numbers will get smaller and smaller because once you are killed, you are off the total player list.

Once you have been killed, an event will show up on your list to tell you who killed you. You can also check the morgue to see who killed you, and who is killing everyone else. Be sure to refresh the screen to keep up with the action.

That’s pretty much all there is to it! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask a staff member! GOOD LUCK!!


Don’t forget! Your submission can earn you 25 points! Send cartoons, jokes, or whatever to!



ExMafia Game FAQs

1) How do I get money here?

A) There are several ways to get money on this game, the easiest is to vote for ExMafia via the button located below the banner to
the right of the donate button.
You get 10k just for voting (top button on the vote page)

You can also earn money by doing crimes and selling items in the item market or auction, selling points or walking the streets.

You will also earn money by getting a job.
Jobs pay daily at 5 pm. game time. You will find a list of positions that you can apply for via the link “Your Job” located on the main menu.

Your qualifications for certain jobs will be dependent on your stats in most cases, as you gain stats, you can always try to get promoted or quit and try to get a better job.

If you are a donator, your money will be deposited into your bank account and you do away with the risk of being mugged for it. (another great reason to become a donator)

Last but not least is the truck stop, a great way for easy cash, (see Q&A #7 for info on how to do truckstop)


2) How do I get points?

A) There are many ways to get points, The easiest way is to vote for ExMafia, via the link located below the banner and to the right of the Donate to ExMafia button. You can vote once a day, each day and receive up to 80 points for voting.

You can buy points via the Donate for ExMafia link. You can buy points from the points market.

You can find points by going for a walk, keep in mind you can also lose points that way and end up in jail or hospital while walking.

You can refer someone to the game, using your referall link located towards the bottom of the city page and every player who uses this link to signup, and then reaches level 4, earns you 300 points.


3) What is a referal link

A) Your referal link is a link that has your unique ID telling the game that you refered a certain person here to play, thus ensuring that you receive proper credit for your referral.

Just copy and paste into your mailings or postings for people to use when they join.


4) Does it matter what type of house I have?

Why do I need a house?

A) Your housing is important as it helps with your training at the gym, (by increasing your willl) the better your home the higer numbers you get during your workout.

Levels also come into play here as the higher your level the more energy you have to spend at the gym.


5) How do I buy a house?

A) Go to your city, in the top mid column, 2nd from the top is the estate agent, there is a list of possible homes available for you to

Chose one you can afford or would like to buy and get yourself some realestate.


6) How do I get my stats up?

A) To get your stats up you can train at the gym, for a proper work out, you need full will and full energy.

You can get full will 3 ways, 1) wait for it to fill naturally. 2) pay 10 points for a will refill 2) go to the whorehouse in the city and pay for one of the ladies or gentlemen for
services and they also help refill your will, depending on your level and which one you chose, they will refill your will from 10 to about 50% for the money.

It is important that you know that you must refill your will before your energy, since doing it the other way around will wipe out your energy in the process.
Remember the 2 things that affect how effective your training is (besides having full will and energy when you train) are your level and your housing.

You can also increase your stats by going to schools, you wil find a list of classes you can take through the link makred local schools on your main menu.


7) What is Truck Stop and what do i do there?

A) Truck Stop is a really easy way to earn money doing some simple jobs without worrying about jail time.

You will need to purchase from the
truckstop areas the concealed handgun, the docking yard day pass and the ammo for the weapon, you can get up to 1k of ammo and it costs $500 per 100 ammo.

You will beging working levels 1-4 doing the beer truck job and move up to the food truck heist for levels 5-9 and so on.

When you have 25 pallets of beer, food, etc. you can go to the downtown fence and trade your goods for cash.


8) I was here last week and everything was fine, now I see I have been kicked from my gang and all my stuff is gone, what happened?

A) The rumble happened and after it ended, the game was reset and everyone started back at evel 1.

The only thing anyone got to keep was donator days. Now we all begin new until the next rumble.


9) I keep getting attacked on line, can they do that? (Can I report them?)

A) On line attacking is rude, but not illegal,

If one particular person is attacking you for no reason, it doesn’t hurt to ask them to wait till you are off line. They may not listen but it doesn’t hurt.

If you have attacked someone and they are retaliating while you are on line, this is part of the game, sit back and read the newspaper while you wait out your hospital time.

Before you get into the habit of on line attacking Remember that the butt you try to kick today may be the butt you have to kiss tomorrow.


Please message me if you have a question that you don’t see an answer to here. If it is unique to you, I will try to answer it or find an answer for you.

If it is a question that is more general that I have missed, I will add it to this list.

Most importantly, remember to have fun, this is a game, enjoy yourself.
(thank you for this MamaD)

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